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"I feel like their solutions are tailored to our market and our region. Their commitment to proving success via analytics and the bottom line was not only important to us but as well as them."
CEO, E-Commerce Home Goods Company

Objective and & Expectation

Before defining any strategy, we want understand the basics. Your brand objectives can be different from sales, subscribers, per-launch, registrations or just website traffic. 

Custom Audience

It’s crucial to understand your audience persona. Based upon which we decide, the content strategy, tone, buyers funnel to reach your highest ROAS.


Once we understand the objectives, brand & it’s audience; we customize your marketing strategy. Every business is different and we believe in defining every moving part so that we (you and us) understand what has to be achieved and ensure that there is no expectation mismatch.

At SAM, our team is dedicated to your success. That is why we offer a broad range of products and services, paired with on going support and insight from our team of experts.


Facebook & Instagram

With over 2 billion actively online, we take full advantage of using FB and IG together to produce a higher ROI than running just one.


Custom built audiences to reach your ad objective in order to target the different stage in your buyers funnel.


Always A&B testing to determine what ultimately produces the best conversions and we will continue to optimize based on performance.

Multicultural Expertise

We have identified the most successful practices to help brands determine the best multicultural strategy to help buyers make their decisions.

Optimization ​

Deep analytics and data-driven insights, we are able to identify areas for optimization so we never miss a chance for a conversion.

Real time stats

Daily, email updates that allows your business track, measure and analyze all your campaigns along with us.

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